SO/SPA: So bright, so beautiful at SO/Auckland

08 May 2019

Auckland life is hectic. In between work life, social life and home life, where is one to find a sanctuary to recover and relax? Or perhaps you don’t want to recover, but simply want a little help to look like you have.


Not to fear, Auckland’s newest luxury spa is bringing in the big guns (and potions) to answer all your beauty, wellness and relaxation prayers. SO/ SPA is the indulgent spa offering from Auckland’s latest and most lavish boutique hotel, SO/ Auckland in downtown Auckland.


The menu is vast and unique, bringing innovative offerings like Himalayan detox therapy, Tibetan sound healing, chakra balancing and peeling Chlorella masks.


Knowing that the spa experience is not a one-size-fits-all model, SO/ SPA has put together packages for every type of spa-goer and this menu isn’t yet available anywhere else in the world. Whether it’s been a big night and you want to pop in for a quick morning-after eye treatment to get you through, or you want to invest hours in your relaxation – there’s this, that and everything in between.


There’s an Urban Detox Facial for the hectic city-dweller, a Renight Antioxidant Recovery Facial for the party goers, Body Strategist Therapies™ for those wanting to shape up, Immune Boosting sessions if you’re feeling low and so much more. Massages, facials, wraps, peels, scrubs – the list is endless.


Treatments provide a delight for the senses, with specifically designed playlists, aromatherapy oils and a serene environment. Whether you’re there for 15 minutes or three hours, the SO/ SPA team will go above and beyond to make every moment count.


Continuing in the hotel’s inspiration of Auckland’s unique volcanic history, each room is named after a local crater. A Volcanic Stone Experience offers a deep massage using heated basalt stones in order to balance the mind and spirit.


SO/ WELL’s therapists are not only experts in the menu provided but offer collective expertise between them including naturopathy, yoga and Chinese medicine. And there is no excuse not to have a little lunchtime treatment with ‘Off beat’ special prices on offer Monday – Friday between 10am and 4pm.


And if you’re lucky enough to be staying in the hotel, you don’t even have to leave your room. A Bath Butler (yes, a bath butler!) will help you choose an in-room aromatherapy package to suit your needs. Each of the hotel’s 130 rooms have a bath and the package includes a specialised drink and products from handmade New Zealand aromatherapy and skincare company, Verité Spa Organics who focus on holistic wellbeing.


SO/ SPA will be the first New Zealand stockist of Italian skincare brand, Skin Regimen. From the highly regarded Davines Group and developed by neuroscientists, this skincare range is specifically made with the modern lifestyle in mind. The range uses modern plant chemistry formulas to counteract the effects of stress, pollution and lifestyle ageing. The products have been clinically proven to improve the mind-skin stress response.


So, what’s not to love?




About SO/
SO/ Hotels & Resorts is so vivid, expressive and bursting with local energy that even the most adventurous travelers will be fascinated and entertained. A dynamic player on the global hotel scene, the SO/ brand surprises with a playful and distinctly rebellious interpretation of luxury that includes avant-garde design, a passion for fashion, trendy beats, ‘Just Say SO’ service, and buzzing destination bars and events. Originally created as an exclusive label of Sofitel, the SO/ brand can now be found in socially vibrant destinations such as Berlin, Mauritius, Bangkok, St. Petersburg and Singapore. SO/ hotels are places to be and to be seen, thrilling guests with fashionable and entertaining social experiences that capture the vivacity and vibe of the locale. SO/ Hotels & Resorts is part of AccorHotels, a world-leading travel and lifestyle group which invites travelers to feel welcome at more than 4,500 hotels, resorts and residences, along with some 10,000 of the finest private homes around the globe. |


SO/ SPA Imagery available here


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PR + Communications (Consultant)
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SO/ SPA Treatment Highlights:



An innovative body treatment acting on three different sensorial pathways to deliver a complete holistic wellbeing experience, resulting in a quieter, more peaceful mind and body state.

60 minutes



This healing ritual is inspired by Ku Nye, an ancient indigenous tradition that belongs to the Tibetan Medical Tradition which originated in Tibet more than 3,900 years ago. Vibrations resonate through the body and reset at a cellular level. Find harmonious alignment as the body is melted and moulded into a state of pure relaxation leaving you feeling positively blissful.

75 minutes



Let go of environmental toxins and kickstart your wellbeing program with our Skin Regimen and Comfort Zone™ revitalizing journey. Encourage your body’s natural detoxification process through our unique Himalayan salt detox wrap, before cleansing inside and out with our deeply cleansing facial, relaxation massage and post-cleanse juice.

165 minutes



Let the experience of relaxation connect you and your partner with an indulgent chocolate body scrub, full body massage and mini facial. Bringing you to a mutual level of bliss for the rest of your spa day. Treatment includes a glass of bubbles and take-hone gift enabling you to continue your spa experience at home.

120 minutes



SO Bath Butler Menu



Send your bath into the stratosphere, with a room service mojito cocktail to accompany an energizing bath milk. Invigorate your sense with a coconut and lime flower body polish, followed by a decadent body butter to leave your skin lush and smooth.





Vaporise stress and tension from mind and body, with a calming milk bath of lavender and sweet orange. Sip your worries away with a relaxing cup of herbal tea. Sweet dreams are meant to be, nourish and hydrate with a balancing body balm.




Combine the sensory decadence of organic rose bubble bat, with a glass of fine champagne, amongst freshly scattered rose petals. Buff and smooth skin to perfection with a chocolate ylang-ylang body polish before replenishing moisture levels with an Aphrodite body oil. Chin chin!




From ashes to embers ignite your senses. Cypress and mint detox salts boost electrolytes and remove toxin build up from fast-paced living. Smooth away rough edges with a coconut lime body polish, find your glow from within with a green juice. Revitalise with a detox body oil.



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